Marketing firms will tell you people buy based on emotion. For this brilliant, forward-thinking property developer, Citu, we targeted desirability to attract leads for their game-changing low carbon homes in Leeds' 'Climate Innovation District'.

Primal is not your ordinary gym, here's a profile to underline their 'why' and 'how'.

Short form content captures your audience's attention and keeps them engaged with your brand. This creative and snappy video was used to announce the launch of a new cocktail for La Casita's Leeds restaurant.

As a CAA approved drone operator I can deliver aerial photography or video work, such as this example showcasing the 1,000 year old Hazlewood Castle and their 'wedding in the woods' setup.

A project to help launch a social influencer's new fashion brand. 

In this video we wanted to demonstrate the products- the headbands- and lend a sense of quality and creativity to the brand.

I create video content for marketing campaigns and to boost firms' social media presence.

Below is a short film for Citu to help introduce them and their vision.

This video was premiered on the silver screen at Everyman Cinema to 200 people attending the launch event for Citu's new Leeds development.

The art of dance used as an elegant and fun way to promote the iconic Central Square building in Leeds

Shot over 11 months, this is a uniquely authentic music video shadowing an Amateur MMA fighter on his journey for the belt.


Scavenger put their talents of converting used climbing ropes in to beautiful products to use in support of the Alpkit Foundation.

See how they used pedal power and used rope to produce a beautiful cushion.